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BT Resin PCB for IC-Substrate

6 Layer for BT Resin PCBs

BT Resin PCB for IC-Substrate

BT Resin PCBs With HDI Anylayer Technology

BT Resin PCB for IC-Substrate

BT Resin PCBs

BT Resin PCB for IC-Substrate

Multilayer Cricuit Board for BT Resin

BT Resin PCB for IC-Substrate
BT Resin PCB for IC-Substrate
BT Resin PCB for IC-Substrate
BT Resin PCB for IC-Substrate

BT Resin PCB for IC-Substrate

BT circuit board refers to a special PCB processed with BT base material as raw material. BT resin-based CCL is a special high-performance substrate material.

Manufacturing Capacity

The PCB substrate currently used on SMD light-emitting diode products belongs to a special type of PCB and is the simplest IC substrate. The main brand of BT substrate on the market is the BT resin developed by Mitsubishi Gas, mainly B (Bismaleimide) and T (Triazine) is aggregated.
The substrate made of BT resin has high Tg (255~330℃), high heat resistance (160~230℃), moisture resistance, low dielectric constant (Dk) and dielectric loss (Df) and other advantages. It is widely used in high-density interconnect (HDI) multilayer printed boards and packaging substrates.
The main thickness specifications of the BT copper foil substrate are 0.10mm, 0.20mm, 0.40mm and 0.46mm, and the thickness specifications of the copper foil covered by the BT copper foil substrate are 1/2oz and 1/3oz, so the corresponding BT board finished product thickness is 0.18 +/-0.03mm, 0.28+/-0.03mm, 0.48+/-0.03mm, 0.54+/-0.03mm.
The current BT circuit boards are mainly double-sided boards, which can be divided into drilled boards and gong-groove boards according to different conduction methods. According to surface treatment, they can be divided into two types: electroplating gold and electroplating silver, mainly based on electroplating gold process. With the application of electroplating silver process in BT board, it is in line with the market demand for LED brightness. BT boards were only used in chip packaging at the beginning, and there are currently more than a dozen varieties. The products are mainly Anylayer, Substrate like pcbs (SLP) and IC packaging substrates. The maximum number of layers reaches 12 layers. The products are used in consumer electronics (such as mobile phones, wearables , tablet, camera, notebook, etc.), Internet of Things, industrial control, automotive electronics, more than 100G communication optical module board and other fields.

Our BT Resin printed circuit board capabilities following:
ItemMaunfacturing Capability
Material baseBT Resin
No.of LayerSingle-sided - 12 Layers
Board Thickness0.1MM-0.25MM
Copper Thickness1/3 OZ-0.5 OZ(12um-17um)
Special Technology ProcessHDI、Multilayer、Anylayer
Surface TreatmentOSP,ENIG,ENEPIG,Selective Gold finish,Plating Gold,Plating Sliver, Plating Gold Sliver
Conductor Width/spacing30um/30um
PTH Hole Dia.Tolerance±0.076MM
NPTH Tolerance±0.05MM
Min. Drill Hole size0.15mm
Min.Laser Via Hole Size0.075mm
Outline Tolerance±0.075mm
Board Thickness Tolerance±10%