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Comprehensive technical terms commonly used in PCB terms

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PCB terminology commonly used collective term:

1, printed circuit: printed circuit

2, printed circuits: printed wiring

3, PCB: printed board

4, printed circuit boards: printed circuit board (pcb)

5, printed circuit boards: printed wiring board (pwb)

6, printed components: printed component

7, printed Contact: printed contact

8, the printed circuit board assemblies: printed board assembly

9, the board: board

10, single-sided PCB: single-sided printed board (ssb)

11, double-sided PCB: double-sided printed board (dsb)

12, multi-layer printed circuit board: mulitlayer printed board (mlb)

13, multi-layer printed circuit boards: mulitlayer printed circuit board

14, multi-layer printed circuit boards: mulitlayer prited wiring board

15, rigid printed circuit board: rigid printed board

16, rigid single-sided PCB: rigid single-sided printed Board

17, rigid double-sided PCB: rigid double-sided printed Board

18, rigid multi-layer printed circuit board: rigid multilayer printed board

19, flexible multi-layer printed circuit board: flexible multilayer printed board

20, flexible PCB: flexible printed board

21, flexible single-sided PCB: flexible single-sided printed board

22, flexible double-sided PCB: flexible double-sided printed board

23, flexible printed circuit: flexible printed circuit (fpc)

24, flexible printed circuits: flexible printed wiring

25, rigid PCB: flex-rigid printed board, rigid-flex printed board

26, rigid double-sided PCB: flex-rigid double-sided printed board, rigid-flex double-sided printed

27, rigid multi-layer printed circuit board: flex-rigid multilayer printed board, rigid-flex multilayer printed board

28, flush with the PCB: flush printed board

29, the metal core PCB: metal core printed board

30, metal-based PCB: metal base printed board

31, multiple wiring PCB: mulit-wiring printed board

32, ceramic PCB: ceramic substrate printed board

33, conductive adhesive PCB: electroconductive paste printed board

34, molded board: molded circuit board

35, molded PCB: stamped printed wiring board

36, the order of laminated multi-layer printed circuit board: sequentially-laminated mulitlayer 37, scattered line of PCB: discrete wiring board

38, micro-line PCB: micro wire board

39, laminated PCB: buile-up printed board

40, laminated multi-layer printed circuit board: build-up mulitlayer printed board (bum)

41, laminated flex PCB: build-up flexible printed board

42, the surface of laminated board: surface laminar circuit (slc)

43, buried in the bump with PCB: b2it printed board

44, multilayer substrates: multi-layered film substrate (mfs)

45, all within the conduction layer multi-layer printed circuit board: alivh multilayer printed board

46, containing the chip board: chip on board (cob)

47, buried resistance board: buried resistance board

48, motherboard: mother board

49, sub-panels: daughter board

50, back: backplane

51, bare boards: bare board

52, the keyboard plate sandwich plate: copper-invar-copper board

53, dynamic flex plate: dynamic flex board

54, the static flexible plate: static flex board

55, can be broken puzzle: break-away planel

56, cable: cable

57, flexible flat cable: flexible flat cable (ffc)

58, membrane switch: membrane switch

59, hybrid: hybrid circuit

60, thick: thick film

61, thick film circuit: thick film circuit

62, film: thin film

63, thin film hybrid circuits: thin film hybrid circuit

64, interconnect: interconnection

65, conductor: conductor trace line

66, flush with the wire: flush conductor

67, transmission line: transmission line

68, cross-cross: crossover

69, Edge connector: edge-board contact

70, to enhance board: stiffener

71, substrate: substrate

72, the substrate surface: real estate

73, the wire surface: conductor side

74, component side: component side

75, solder side: solder side

76, printing: printing

77, grid: grid

78, graphics: pattern

79, the conductive pattern: conductive pattern

80, non-conductive pattern: non-conductive pattern

81, character: legend

82, mark: mark