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Function and application of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate

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Silicon aluminum nitride ceramic substrate which have high thermal conductivity, medium pressure resistance, high compressive strength, and other superior electrical and physical properties, widely used in the communication antennas, automotive power control modules, AC converters, light converters, igniters, DC-AC converters, switching and adjusting machines, solid-state relays, rectifying Bridges, high-power LED, etc...

Function and application of silicon nitride ceramic substrate

Silicon nitride ceramic substrate, high bending strength, thermal performance is very good also, because of its high strength, high thermal conductivity, high reliable characteristic, widely used in the new electric car use, the power control module, power transmitter, photovoltaic devices, IGBT module, power thyristor, resonator base, packaging and loading board, etc have widely used high-power photovoltaic and semiconductor devices field.

AMB aluminum nitride ceramic circuit board and AMB silicon nitride ceramic circuit board difference

AMB aluminum nitride ceramic circuit board uses aluminum nitride ceramic substrate as the substrate, and AMB silicon nitride ceramic circuit board uses silicon nitride ceramic substrate as the substrate, the performance and application of the two are different.

First, aluminum nitride ceramic substrate and silicon nitride ceramic substrate properties and applications

Properties and applications of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate

Aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic substrate is a new type of substrate material, which has excellent electrical and thermal properties, and is considered to be the most promising high thermal conductivity ceramic substrate.AlN ceramics have high thermal conductivity (theoretical thermal conductivity 280W/m/K), low dielectric constant (about 8.8), thermal expansion coefficient matching Si (293K-773K, 4.8×10-6K-1), high resistivity (>1014 Ω?CM), high breakdown field strength (1.4×107V/cm), low specific gravity (theoretical density 3.26g/cm3), high mechanical strength (bending strength 300-400MPa), non-toxic and other characteristics, become the ideal material for high density, high power and high-speed integrated subgrade board and packaging, in the field of national defense, aerospace, communications, microelectronics and other fields have a broad application prospect.

Properties and applications of silicon nitride ceramic substrates

Silicon nitride ceramic substrate thermal conductivity of 75-80 w/(m K), thermal conductivity is than aluminum nitride ceramic substrate, but silicon nitride ceramic substrates is bending strength of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate 2-3 times, can improve the strength of silicon nitride ceramic copper clad laminates and impact resistant ability, anaerobic copper welding thicker and won't produce porcelain cracking phenomenon, improve the reliability of the substrate

By cladding with thick copper substrate, its thermal conductivity is 3-4 times that of alumina ceramic substrate, greatly improving the heat dissipation performance of the substrate;The substrate has stronger current bearing capacity, better overall heat dissipation performance, lower thermal resistance and stronger temperature shock resistance.The silicon nitride ceramic substrate has the characteristics of high strength, high thermal conductivity and high reliability. The circuit can be made on the surface by wet etching process, and the substrate material for the packaging of electronic substrate module with high reliability can be prepared by coating the surface. It is the preferred substrate material for the power control module of new electric vehicles.The products are widely used in the fields of power transmitters, photovoltaic devices, IGBT modules, power thyristors, resonator bases, semiconductor packing plates and other high-power optoelectronic and semiconductor devices.

Two AMB aluminum nitride ceramic circuit board and AMB silicon nitride ceramic circuit board difference

The thermal conductivity of AMB aluminum nitride ceramic board is higher than that of AMB silicon nitride ceramic board, but AMB silicon nitride ceramic board.

The bending strength of ceramic circuit board is stronger, which is 2-3 times that of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate.Because these outstanding characteristics also decided their respective outstanding industry should have the advantage.