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PCB Circuit Boards

GERATPCB TECHNOLOGY are a one-stop PCB manufacturing vendor & PCBA Assembly Services,including the Design,Schematic Diagram,components Sourcing, we strive to achieve the most competitive price in the most efficient way, good quality products and timely delivery to customers.

Manufacturing Capacity

We manufacture PCBS with Conventional Raw Material FR4 PCB and FR4-High TG-170 PCBs, 4 layers- 32 layers for Multilayer PCBs, Impedance Control PCBs, Anylayer HDI PCBs, Micro-via Blind/Buried hole PCBs, Solder mask with transparent ink for pcb boards, Carbon ink pcbs, Blue Peelable mask for PCBs.
If you have any questions and more other information, feel free to reach us at our email [email protected]
Over the years, we have invested in many advanced machines and built a vertical setup infrastructure that combines modern technology and skilled professionals. Strive to become a high-quality one-stop PCB&PCBA service manufacturer for domestic and overseas customers.
The single-sided printed circuit board is usually a single-sided copper-clad laminate, and the single-sided board has only one side of the circuit (the circuit layer is on one side, and the plug-in parts are on the other side).
Double-sided printed circuit boards are usually made of double-sided copper-clad laminates, with two-layer circuit patterns of Component Side and Solder Side. During the processing of the printed circuit board, the hole walls of the vias are electroplated with copper layers to make the upper and lower layers. Conduction, through the conductive hole through communication.
The multi-layer PCB is based on the double-sided board with the addition of the internal power layer and the ground layer. Power and ground nets are primarily routed on the power plane. A multi-layer board consists of at least three circuit layers or more circuit layers, each substrate layer on the PCB is conductive through vias, and the boards are bonded together using a lamination process, and each There is an insulating material between each circuit layer.
Therefore, the design of multi-layer PCB boards is basically the same as that of double-sided boards. The key is how to optimize the routing of the internal electrical layers to make the routing of the circuit board more reasonable. Multifunctional to develop large-capacity and small-volume products.
With the continuous development of electronic technology and the wide application of large-scale integrated circuits, multilayer PCBs are developing rapidly in the direction of high-density and high-precision digitization. More and more fine line width and line spacing and micro aperture penetration and blind buried via hole, HDI technology to meet market demand.

PCB Fabrication Capability

MaterialTypeFR-4,HIGH TG FR-4-TG170/TG180,CEM-3,Halogen- Free,Rogers,Arlon,Taconic,Isola,PTFE, Bergquist,Polyimide, Aluminum base, Copper base,Heavy copper foil
Production TypeSurface TreatmentHASL,HASL lead-free,HAL,Flash gold,immersion gold,OSP,Gold Finger Palting,Selective thick gold plating, immersion silver,immersion tin, Carbon ink,peelable mask
No.of Layer1L-56L
Cut LaminationWorking Panel SizeMax:650mm×1200mm
Inner LayerInner Core thickness0.1~2.0mm
Conductor Width/spacingMin:3/3mil
DimensionBoard Thickness Tolerance±10﹪
Inter layer Alignment±3mil
DrillingDrilling DiameterMin:0.15MM   (Laser Drill:0.1MM)
PTH Tolerance±0.075mm
NPTH Tolerance±0.05mm
Hole Position Tolerance±0.076mm
PTH+Panel PlatingHole Wall Copper Thickness≥20um
Aspect Ratio12:01
Outer LayerConductor WidthMin:3mil
Conductor SpacingMin:3mil
Pattern PlatingFinished Copper Thickness1oz~10oz
EtchingUnder Cut≥2.0
EING/FLASH GOLDNickel Thickness≥100u″
Gold Thickness1~3u″
Solder MaskThickness10~25um
Solder Mask Bridge4mil
Plug Hole Dia0.3~0.6mm
Solder Mask ColorGreen, Matte Green,White,Matte White,Black,Matte Black,Yellow,Red,Blue, Transparent ink
Silkscreen ColorWhite, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue
LegendLine Width/Line Spacing5/5mil
Gold FingerNickel Thickness≥120u″
Gold Thickness1~80u″
Hot Air LevelTin Thickness100-300u″
OSPMembrane Thickness0.2~0.4um
RoutingTolerance of Dimension±0.1mm
Slot sizeMin:0.6mm
Cutter Diameter0.8mm-2.4mm
PunchingOutline Tolerance±0.1mm
Slot SizeMin:0.7mm
V-CUTV-CUT DimensionMin:60mm
Remain Thickness Tolerance±0.1mm
BevelingBeveling Dimension30-300mm
TestTesting Voltage250V
Impedance ControlTolerance±10%
Peel Strength
Drilling Holes departmentExposure circuit diagram departmentFlying Probe testing division
Drilling Holes departmentExposure circuit diagram department
Flying Probe testing division
Plating Copper LineRouting course of workingWarehouse of raw materials
Plating Copper LineRouting course of workingWarehouse of raw materials

Q1. Who we are?
GREATPCB TECHNOLOGY is a manufacturer specializing single-sided PCB、two-sided PCB and multilayer pcb、Flex PCB production.
Our main products have multilayer pcb, high frequency pcb, aluminum core pcb, Copper base pcb, thickness Copper, heavy copper pcb, rigid-flexible pcb, HDI PCB, anylayer pcb, Impedance Control pcb, Carbon ink pcb, Peelable Blue mask pcb, BT Resin pcb and Blind/buried via pcbs.

Q2. How to ensure your quality?
Our products meet the certification standard, such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and UL etc..., hope can your try to give us samples order to test the quality.

Q3. What types of raw materials do you use?
Our usually use the raw materials have Kingboard, ShenYi, ITEQ, Nnanya, Rogers, Arlon, Isola, Taconic, Dupont, polyimide(PI), Aluminium base, Cu base etc...

Q4. Can you make the quick- turn time for pcb samples?
We can provide 24 hours quick delivery for 2layers pcb samples and 48 hours quick delivery for 4 layers pcb samples, 72 hour quick delivery for 6layers and 8layers pcb samples, etc...

PCB manufacturing


quick turn

usual time

Mass productions>20m2
























Q5. What file formats do you accept for pcb and pcba production?
Gerber file: CAM350, full format RS-274-X
PCB file: Protel 99SE,  DXP, PADS, AUTOCAD, P-CAD 2001 PCB

Q6. What is how many MOQ?
There is no MOQ for printed circuit board and pcba assemble, same We are able to handle Small as well as large volume production with flexibility.

Q7. What is Shipping cost?
The shipping cost is determined by shipping method you choose, the destination, weight, packing size of the goods. if need quote to you for the shipping cost, Please let us know.

Q8. How to test PCB Boards and PCBA Products?               
With Fixture Testing, Fly probe testing, AOI, Impedance test, FQC, other test method ect... for pcb boards , AOI and X-RAY, FQC, other test method ect... for pcba assemble.   

Q9. If can you provide free sample?
Yes, but you need make the payment to us for pcb samples at first, is ok? we will return the pcb sample cost to you when your next big batch orders. welcome to experience our service and quality.

Q10. What is standard shipping time?
Normal it's shipping time about need 3-5days for DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS.

Our PCB manufacturing capabilities following including:Via in Pad
Gold Fingers
Edge Plating
Kapton Tape
Half-cut hole/Castellated Hole
Blind/Buried Vias or Microvias
Countersink/Counterbore Hole
RoHS Compatibility

Product Range OF Applications Including
Rigid circuit boards are widely used in consumer electronics, AC/DC power supplies, general connectors,LED lighting, automation equipment, smart meters and water meters, textile machinery equipment, dataloggers, household appliances, power control, electric vehicle chargers, lithium batteries, Battery Systems, industrial Control, automotive electronics, medical, 5G communication, optical communication modules, and other fields.